Do you own a home in Foley AL and want to sell?  Well, we all have our reasons.  We may have to relocate to another area, want to downsize to a smaller home, or desire a change of scenery.  Whatever the case may be, there are many things that you can do to sell your Foley home fast.  Here are 13 great ideas to consider…..

Sell Your Foley AL Home Fast

Prior to Getting an Offer

Price Your Home Right

You could have the best looking house on the block but if you are over-priced, you run the risk of your property going stale on the MLS.

A responsible Realtor will do their homework in order to properly advise you on how to price your home.  There is a science and an art to pricing properties.  Sometimes we see agents list the home at whatever the seller wants.  Here’s how the problem arises.  The seller doesn’t sell real estate for a living.

When I list a home in Foley, I thoroughly dissect the market conditions for not only homes that have recently sold but also for homes that are still on the market and for listings that expired.  I want to find out why a home didn’t sell.  Most of the time it’s because of price.

De-Clutter Every Room

Selling your home is a great time to de-clutter.  I know this term sounds a little negative because it’s assuming that you have a cluttered house but bare with me.  We ALL have things and “stuff” in our home that we don’t need anymore.  The main purpose of de-cluttering is to allow potential buyers to focus on your house, not the things in your home. 

Think minimal.  Pack up personal photos, collectibles, trophies, awards and anything that reflects you.  Let the light shine on the property and not the personal property that is not going to be sold.

One great benefit is that your home will appear more spacious to buyers.    

Donate or Sell Items That Aren’t Being Used

Since you’re de-cluttering, why not get rid of some stuff while you’re at it?  This is the time to schedule a couple of garage sales and/or donate to the local thrift store.  Besides, do you really want to cart all that stuff with you to your new home?

You may make a few bucks, get a tax benefit, and have less to pack (and unpack).

Use Neutral Colors for Walls & Decor

Yes, we all have our own personalities and some are more vibrant than others.  However, when it comes to selling your home fast you’ll want to appeal to the masses.  Studies show that most people are attracted to neutral colors likes whites and tans.

You can always add a splash of color with a throw pillow or painting but for the most part, keep as neutral as you can.

Deep Clean Everything

Now that you’ve de-cluttered, you now have a great opportunity to make your home shine.  Let’s face it, most of us are very busy and the last thing we want to do is to wipe down baseboards or clean the inside of the refrigerator on our days off.  Buyers will notice and you want them to have a 100% positive experience while touring your property.

Deep cleaning is a must to sell your Foley home fast.

Make As Many Repairs Necessary

There are many advantages to making repairs before you get an offer but I know that finances and time can hinder your efforts.  Walk around the inside and outside of your property and keep an objective eye.  Write down all of the visible problems that you can find and figure out which repairs can be made prior to getting an offer.

You will probably find that many of the repairs are inexpensive and easy to fix.  Replacing a roof is another story but changing a light fixture or caulking will give the buyer less to think about when it comes to considering your home to purchase.

Spruce Up the Yard

Yard work is another task that home owners aren’t excited about doing on their day off but it needs to be done. 

Always remember that the front of your home and the yard is the first impression.

Walk out to the street and take another objective look at the lawn, trees, flower beds, and shrubs.  Look at your neighbors as well to see how their yard compares to yours.  Buyers won’t want to have to pull weeds as soon as they move in.  The less you give them to do after closing, the better.

The Day of a Showing

Have All Rooms Clean & Tidy

You’ve already deep cleaned so the challenge is keeping your home looking great while still “living”.  You should have advanced notice for a showing so make sure to put away clothes, wash dishes, and wipe down any surfaces.  While selling your home it’s a good idea to do this every night in case you get a showing the next day while you’re at work.

Have the House Smell Great

Smell is one of our most influential senses, especially when considering a home to buy.  Let me tell you, it’s a huge turn off when I take a buyer into a home and it smells like a pack of dogs.  I’m a huge animal lover but a buyer doesn’t want to inherit bad smells when they move in.  

Having your home smelling great will play a big role in your Foley home selling fast.  The deep clean will help but it’s a great idea to invest in some Febreeze or candles.  Don’t go to robust with your scents though.  Keep them clean and pleasant.

Let the Light In

Most people do not like a dark house.  Open and airy is the way to go and one way to accomplish this is to open your drapes and blinds.

This goes for a showing after the sun goes down as well.  It just looks better from the road with the lights on and the blinds open.

Stage Your Home

Preparing your home to sell also requires staging.  This goes hand in hand with de-cluttering but proper staging also requires re-arranging and even removing furniture to give your space better flow.  This will also make your home look more open and it will give cleaner sight lines.

Take Your Pets With You During Showings

Again, I’m a pet lover but I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve shown a property only to be surprised with a big dog in the house.  There’s also been times when we refused to go in the home due to the fact that the dog was trying to go after us from the other side of the window.

The bottom line is – the agent or the buyer doesn’t know that your pet is friendly and it’s just good practice to not have your pets around during a showing if possible.

Play Pleasant Music

I like Metallica but this wouldn’t be a great choice for showings.  If you can, have some soft, tasteful music playing while your home is being shown.  This should only add to a pleasant and tranquil experience for the buyer.

Everything that you can do to make the buyer’s tour positive will go far in helping your home sell fast.

When I walk into a property I’m thinking one thing, “What needs to be done to sell this home?”.  I know that sounds trivial but I’m not there to make you think I’m the sharpest guy around.  Of course I want you to like me but rest assure, I know that my job is to sell homes and it’s not my job to just put a sign in your yard and pray.  

If you’re wanting to sell your Foley home, please reach out to me.  I know what it takes to get you the best price and the best terms. 

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